Sunday, October 01, 2006

Thsis/ Outline/ Key words/ Questions

Thesis statement: Autoantonym and antiantonym which controdict the ordinary word inflectional rules semanticly must undergo some changes.


I. Introduction: what are autoantonym and antiantonym
II. Antoantonym
A. Formation
B. Main cause
C. What kind of antonyms are those words?(1. conplementary 2. gradable 3. relational )
III. Antiantonym
A. Formation
B. Main cause
C. In what way do they contradict inflectional rules semanticly?
IV. Will they remain autoantonym and antiantonym?
A. Word derivation
B. Language interference
C. Ambiguity
V. Conclusion

Key Words.
word coinage/ antonym/ language interference / etymology


How does langauge inflrence each other?
How does words derived?
Why do two words merge into one word rather than remain two?
What kind of words tend to adopt these phenomena more?



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I think this is one of the lectures assigned in your linguistics class.

This is an acceptable topic. However you still need to refine your thesis and focus of your research.

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